Beyoncé is Not Racist or ‘Anti-Cop’/ And Neither were the Black Panthers

I never would have imagined my first post in 2016 would be about Beyoncé or the Super Bowl. If you know me, you know that…

Not Caring about Football

Nor do I really care about most ‘top hits’ we hear on the radio. But there are some accusations being made that Beyoncé is ‘racist’ and ‘anti-cop’ because of her latest music video and single release called ‘Formation’, and I think we need to address these accusations.

Beyoncé released the video on Saturday, February 6th, and then the next day performed the song at the Super Bowl’s 50th halftime show. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to go ahead and catch yourself up before reading further.

The claims that the music video and performance of ‘Formation’ are ‘racist’ and ‘anti-cop’ stem from allusions to the Black Panther Movement.

Beyoncé SuperBowl 2016

Black Panter Party - 2

Black Panther Party - 1

To get any sort of understanding of what Beyoncé was saying with her halftime performance, we need accurate information around what the Black Panther Party was about. And we are probably not going to get it from our major news networks or school books.

A bit of helpful history: The Black Panther Party was founded in 1966 as a response to ongoing terrorism perpetrated by not only by explicitly white supremacist groups like the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), but also by the U.S. government. One of their main goals: self-defense. Self-defense from lynchings, police brutality, and the continued denial of black economic participation. The Black Panthers were also about quality education, housing, healthcare and employment for their communities. They created programs that fed and clothed their people. They drafted a ‘Ten Point Plan’, a party platform, where they envisioned things like freedoBlack-Panther-Party-Ten-Point-Plan-Tan-Light-Brownm and an end to war. The Black Panthers formed themselves on a foundation of love for their people. (But for some reason the only thing we seem to remember about The Black Panthers is that they had guns…)

Conversely, the KKK operates (notice the present tense) on a party platform of hate and created programs for raping, bombing, and lynching black people.

So, we need to stop repeating all of the media nonsense about comparing the Black Panthers to the KKK. Comparing the Black Panthers to the KKK is kinda like comparing a helmet to a skull-crushing torture device. One is designed to protect, while the other was made for inciting terror and dismemberment. Also, watch yourself when you feel tempted to throw around ‘anti-cop’ allegations. Once we start getting ourselves some accurate history, we will see that describing Beyoncé and the Black Panthers as ‘anti-cop’ for asking that their children not be murdered by police is as logical as calling dolphins ‘boat haters’ for requesting they not be sliced open by propellers.

The Black Panthers existed not because they were ‘racist’ and prejudiced against white people. (Though I’m sure they weren’t altogether thrilled with white folks after 250 years of formal enslavement, 90 years of Jim Crow, and then the whole ‘separate but equal’ thing). The Black Panthers existed to uplift and protect the black community from a white-led enslavement and genocide of black people. And the black liberation movement persists today in the ongoing efforts to combat slavery in the age of colorblindness.

Whether you agree with the means by which black people organize for their freedom or not, the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, or any other movement for black liberation would not exist if white people had not kidnapped and enslaved Africans, created racism, and then continued to this day to oppress, exploit, and exclude black people. The white supremacist founding of our nation and ongoing oppression of the black community and other communities of color is the precise reason black people build movements of resistance. So, if you really can’t stand Beyoncé’s race politics popping up on your television or YouTube feed, you’d be wise to get to work on dismantling white supremacy. It will be a lot more effective than calling her a racist.

Lastly: Folks, this is bigger than Beyoncé. The movement for black liberation is about all of us and especially the folks doing the grassroots work in the trenches. The movement began the moment white people forcibly put African people onto a boat and mandated they build this ‘Land of the Free’. Putting an end to a 400+ year-old oppressive force like racism requires radical changes in our institutions, in our minds, and in our hearts. It’s going to take a cultural transformation. Our choice is to either keep standing on the sidelines, or to finally take that step into the rolling river headed for justice.

I say, let’s take the step and slay some racism.


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  1. Pete says:

    Maybe you better read the ten points again. Sounds like threat of violence if they don’t get what they want. Beyonce looks like an idiot. People paid thousands of dollars to watch a bunch of black millionaires play a game. Where is racism. Bunch of whiny crybabies. Bunch of rich black whiny crybabies.

    1. Diane says:

      Dear Pete….it sounds like you’re hating on a whole lot of blackness!!! Did you watch those black millionaires whilesitting on your couch??? So sad you should’ve been there with us. Awesome!!

    2. Coby says:

      “Where is racism?”

      Dude, seriously, you need to get a clue. Or two.

  2. Shawntaiwone says:

    Because surely if you don’t give it power and IGNORE Racism it’ll go away like it has for the last 400 years. If we are saying “Ouch” then it hurts. If someone is raping you and you call out…no one says “ohhhh THAT doesn’t bother you ! ”
    Get over it…I didn’t do it.
    Stop doubting our struggles , please.

    1. triggerhappydrew says:

      Yes the very same struggles faced by many Americans today of all races. That is my issue with groups like BLM, they seperate a front against discrimination rather than unite it because of race. It shouldnt be a matter of race, it should be everyone against this. But “your struggles” to quote you should somehow be special above the struggles of others?

      The BPP is not something to celebrate, they had both good and bad but the bad cost lives and out-shadowed their attempts as good in more cases than not. Thats like the BLM people chanting about killing cops and speaking out about killing them and their families, it ends up overshadowing their message of ending the racism that does exist in this country.

  3. Kelly, I enjoyed your blog. Well stated. I do find it so sad that the same discourse is repeated over and over by some of your commenters. This, to me, is what keeps us from being able to move forward. Until this problem is properly acknowledged and seen for what it truly is/was, it cannot be addressed. The BPP was not perfect. We can all agree with this. But, many commenters are loosing site on why they formed the group/movement, the time/era for which the group formed, and the fact that any time people of color try to assert their rights and liberties, demanding the same rights as their counterparts, it is seen as aggression, an act of racial war, or unpatriotic. If they hated the police, or the establishment, it is because those entities hated them. What is it that people want? Do you want Blacks to say nothing, sweep the entire experience under the rug, and say all is forgiven? Do you really want us to believe that we have the same fair opportunities, now? Or, that racism is dead today? How can that be when we still see it in various forms? Racism is not perpetuated because Blacks talk about. Its perpetuated because its still happening. There is tons of empirical evidence to support present day racims and inequality. There is no acknowledgement or even agreement that this was a horrific condition to put people in–yes, people, humans, who had no choice. Instead, the fingers come out and point. My final thoughts is this: Even if Africans sold other Africans, morally, whites did not have to buy or own them. And, this does not excuse the treatment that was inflicted during slavery by whites. When people make the argument that other Africans sold Blacks into slavery, you are implying that it made it ok “well, if they did it so can we..” but that does not make the actions of white slave traders and slave owners right or morally acceptable. Likewise, if you read the history, Africans who owned other Africans did not anticipate the type of treatment and servitude that these slaves were going to experience. And yes, many slaves were stolen, regardless of those who may have been sold by other Africans. The African Slave experience was not ok. It was immoral and its effects are still experiences. An entire group of people was stripped of their language, culture, religion, and treated less than human by their oppressors. Even the constitution originally defined African Slaves as 3/5 of a person. These past experiences have present and future consequences. They cannot be ignored or argued away to make people feel warm and fuzzy. We need to address them. Keep up the conversation Kelly. Continue to speak truth to power.

  4. i would like to also point out, seeing as Pete already pointed out the other not so accurately portrayed information of the ten points, that while you say “The movement began the moment white people forcibly put African people onto a boat and mandated they build this ‘Land of the Free’.” it was actually other Tribe members or even other Tribes that gathered up their own people put them on boats and sold them to others as slaves. so the points in your blog are not at all true Facts, but you are entitled to your opinion as it states in our bill of rights.

    1. Donna says:

      So what!! They were held in captivity for 400 years. Women were raped, murdered. Men were murdered, and disfigured. After slavery the oppression continued.

  5. triggerhappydrew says:

    You want to talk about slavery but only mention black people… typical because no other race suffered enslavement, right? No other race suffered injustice and oppression? No other racial group or group otherwise is stereotyped or has violence against the based on discrimination? All of you people, the blogger included, want to hop on the race bus but i hate to open your eyes to the truth: we all face some sort of discrimination. Why should one groups plight take priority over anothers? You ask me to care about the persecution of those who persecute and expect a warm welcome, you people have some broken logic going on here and slavery still? Seriously? Reperations have been paid, special concessions made-racially biased at that like scholarships exclusive to those of particular races such as ones offered by the NAACP specifically fo black people-and still you act like i should be ashamed that im white. My heritage is Irish and Native American, my people have suffered in ways that black folks in this country, and all the other races as well, could only envision in their worst nightmares yet im supposed to bow my head and apologize for something that happened 100 years ago despite complete ignorance or disrespect from these people? Lets not even get into the fact that police target black people because, statistically speaking, they and hispanics lead in the commission of felonies. Please cry about something genuinely relavent if you want to make case and leave the race issue alone, racism exists on all sides of the fence so stop blaming one side for being racist as in doing so YOU are being racist.

    1. Donna says:

      What other race in THIS country was enslaved, raped, and murdered.

    2. e says:

      I completely agree. I have a similar mix of ancestor with some Jewish thrown in. So tell me again how its all about the color of your skin.

    3. rivercs says:

      There were not white slaves. They were known as indentured servants, hardly the same thing. Indentured servants worked without pay for a number of years, but then they were free. African slaves, on the other hand, were never going to taste freedom again; it was always intended by their white “owners” that they die in chains. Look it up. This is the United States’ real history. You can find scholarly works that prove this truth with plenty of period citations if you put in the effort to learn.

      As for reparations having already been paid, please, Drew, look around you. Try reading Ta-Nehisi Coates, just one of many authors, researchers and journalists writing about the need for and the justice of reparations, which have NOT been paid at all. Ask yourself, doesn’t American society as a whole, built by slaves who had no say whatsoever in the matter for the benefit of white men who saw themselves as superior to everyone else in the world, including other white men, owe its captives some justice? Frankly, as an aging white woman, I am not involved in brainstorming about which ways reparations might take place, or which great ideas will go into the discussion about coming to terms with the debt we owe. I do know one thing: we gotta get the discussion started. Even that hasn’t taken place on a societal level, not yet. And then – at the same time, preferably – we also need to open discussion with Indigenous leaders about what we owe the people’s whose land we stole… We have a lot to answer for, we who benefit from colonialism, racism, the lingering effects of slavery and the ongoing cultural and other genocide against this land’s First People’s.

      And a note to anyone who compares the Ku Klux Klan with the #BlackLivesMatter movement: the #BLM says “Black lives matter TOO”. Not that only Black lives matter, but that Black lives most certainly do matter as much as any lives do. Include Black lives in your worldview. Include the toll on (especially young, male) Black lives when you’re talking about police murder. Open up your eyes: there are people dying everywhere in this country, and a whole lot of them are Black, and they MATTER! This isn’t a hate group; just the opposite. It’s a love group. Just think: the Black man who isn’t murdered because #BLM raised awareness might be the one who saves your life in the ER.

      The KKK, on the other hand, says that only white Christian lives matter; in fact, only white Christians are human beings, and everyone else, including all my Jewish ancestors, are less than human. This is a hate group. Now you tell me how that’s exactly the same.

      1. triggerhappydrew says:

        You need to look closer at history as the first slaves in this country were actually the Irish, not indentured servants, slaves. They were pulled from their homes and families and sold by the king of England all over the world.


        Perhaps you should read the words of Booker T. Washington, he believed that bitterness should be released as he himself had done because in all truth those brought to this country as slaves were, despite their suffering and the horrendous act itself, better off with a life in this new world than in the third world continent of their forefathers.

        -Up from Slavery, written by Booker T. Washington, former slave

        So we are to all pay reperations for 1.4% of white Americans living today for something that world historians say is a shared responsibility regardless of where families stood, like white abolitionists and Union soldiers who laid down their lives to make sure these people were freed or those who never owned slaves to begin with. How do you propose we actually give these reperations to the actual decendants of slaves? Is this true for those who came here as Irish slaves too?

        Do I blame citizens of the UK for my people being sold as slaves? For owning my people? Do I blame whites for taking Cherokee land and demand reparations for it? No. It happened, it happened to my ancestors, my people. I learned of it, learned about it and let it go.

  6. the whole thing was not something to broadcast at halftime. time and place for everything.

    1. Sher says:

      Everyone go read the bible about love. God is not partial he loves us all he created us to live as one.

  7. Petra says:

    Please, oh please filter your comments. Don’t give uneducated, ignorant trolls a voice. They always scream the loudest. It’s okay to delete a person’s comments, especially when foolishness is pouring forth.

  8. Good commentary! “Let’s get started” if U R not already!
    Praise The Lord!

  9. F Beyonce says:

    Tell that to the NJ state trooper the Black Panthers killed in 1973 look it up his name was Werner Foerster.

  10. Kristi gard says:

    I’m sorry I’m going by the record of them slang State Patrol maybe you should look up your facts

  11. Unknown says:

    Funny how when slavery is talked about the only thing brought fOrth is black slaves. There were white slaves also. Talking about opportunities we all have the same possibilities to do what we please. The issue is that it has to be worked for which seems to have been forgotten. The quote was what can we do for our great country NOT what our country can do for us. Things that I am racist of…. someone claIming 5 dependents all yr no taxes taken out and income tax they get back 8k… this is not including the 1k a month they get to feed the 5. Get real life is not a cake walk you have to work for what you get. Stop expecting someone to lay it in your lap the BP like all other groups a few corrupt members ruins the meaning of what it was formed for…

  12. Doug S says:

    Typical, Beyoncé makes a BAD decision on content and out come the Liberals to protect her. Let her deal with the consequences of her decision… She surely should apologize to LEOs everywhere for the racism that was perpetuated by her performance.. Beyoncé had a big stage; it’s too bad that she wasted her opportunity… they can’t all be wrong.

  13. Damien says:

    You seem to be a Blatant Racist as Beyonce.
    Maybe you should read those 10 points again & you will see that if they mean to do violence if they don’t get what they want.
    The KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, All Black Panther Groups, BLM, NAACP are ALL Domestic Terrorist Groups that need to be wiped out like the cancer they are.
    Not only are all these groups & many others, Terrorists but spread racism & hatred.
    BPM & BLM have advocated for the killing of Police officers & their families as well as innocent people.
    Beyonce knew what the BLM were & she KNEW what she was doing that day on the field.
    She should be fined & if I had my way, ALL her assets would be siezed & given to poor black families.

  14. Roy says:

    In my opinion both the KKK and the black lives matter groups need to go the way of the dodo bird. Can’t we all just live together in peace or is this to much to ask.

  15. Ci says:

    I believe because of these types of blogs and Beyonce’s statement at the Superbowl is why all these racist acts keep happening!!! People are fed up with it all. Leave it go really!!! Most of us all just want to get along. People don’t care what color your skin is any more we just want all the violence between People to stop!! But because of these actions and shows like halftime we keep being reminded of all the hate!!! Why couldn’t she just have performed a nice happy show with fun songs for all to love. She is loved by white, black, Asian, all ethnicitys!! That is what she should have thought about when doing a halftime show that more americans watch than any other show on tv. Especially when alot of kids were watching too. What kind of example was she showing them. Just let it go!!! Let America move on.

  16. Julie says:

    Blacks are not and have never been the only people called slaves. I dont see the irish rising up, or the many other europeans who were indentured servants causing division. Why not get better attention by doing good things instead of race baiting? Maybe they dont know how, not sure. Would like to hear more stories about the black men and women who have made a positive influence in our nation.

  17. Chuck U. Farley says:

    Sounds like you need an education! The Black Panther Party is still going strong to this day. There was an incident in Philadelphia last election where the group was accused of voter intimidation, but I guess you didn’t read about that.
    How about the BPP member currently receiving asylum in Cuba after killing a NJ State Trooper? Does that sound like a peaceful organization? If it does, you need professional help!
    A better topic for discussion is racism. Not white racism, but racism in other races. Why is it acceptable to have discrimination against whites but not any other race? You demand equality but refuse to practice what you preach!
    Until all groups come together against racism for ALL races we are doomed as a society!

  18. Blake says:

    Okay, so just to clarify. The black panthers were indeed a racist organization. Beyoncé on the other hand wasn’t really doing a “shout out” of sorts to them. She was actually dressed like Micheal Jackson was during his halftime performance. There is no corolotion to and kind of elitist, or racism in her performance.

  19. Tim says:

    Why is Beyonce wearing a costume that depicts two bandoliers (ammunition belts) crossed over her chest? Is this an expression of Black Terrorism?

  20. Michelle says:

    White people are not fully at fault for alienating black people from “liberty” during slavery days. The african people sold/traded their own people for armor and lethal weapons. Yes, there are still racist but Martin Luther King and every black historian didn’t fight for black people to keep the racist alive but for equality. Which means color shouldn’t matter and thats exactly what black people are doing, lowering themselves to the racist level that white people are. Black people are keeping it alive through media and everywhere else so the white race is retaliating with what black people have been claiming on the media, Empowerment. Everyone has a point, everyone has a say, everyone matters. This racist shit is tiring, and the black people feel as if everything falls on them because they are black. Its not the color of anyones skin, its people being ignorant. White, black, brown, purple, grey, yellow! We are in 2016! Where color shouldn’t matter but if we keep pointing at color its never going to go away! We need to show the world we are better then their ignorancy! We are people, we need to stop lowering ourselves.

    1. Tammy says:

      If only it were that easy. It should be so tiring for people on every side to always have to keep score on who’s done more wrong. But I don’t think it will ever be stopped so long as no one understands the others point.

  21. De says:

    Taken From “The Atlantic Slave Trade” prepared by the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles:

    “Slavery existed in Africa before the arrival of European traders on the coast. In most sub-Saharan African societies wealth was measured in persons. A wealthy lineage or state had large numbers of dependent people. In exchange for a share of their production and protection in times of famine or war, dependents provided labor. In addition to dependents, lineages and states usually controlled the labor of slaves captured in war or enslaved as a penalty for a crime. Slaves did not share in the rights and privileges accorded to free members of the lineage or state.In the initial years of Atlantic trade—before the creation of sugar plantations—Europeans were more interested in gold than slaves. As the demand for labor grew, however, Europeans increasingly sought slaves. African traders and political leaders agreed to trade slaves in exchange for prestigious European goods such as cloth and alcohol. With these prestige goods the Africans attracted greater numbers of dependents. Ironically, as power came increasingly to depend on access to European goods, and as it became more difficult to capture slaves from neighboring peoples, many African traders sacrificed the dependents that brought them prestige. West Africans were increasingly caught up in a violent cycle of slave raiding in order that elites might attain prestigious European goods to maintain their power. The slave trade increased the number of locally held slaves, as societies kept some of them for domestic labor. Most of the slaves that remained in Africa were women, as men made up two-thirds of slaves traded across the Atlantic. The demographic impact of the slave trade is difficult to assess. In the areas where slaving was most intense, populations declined in real terms; in most other areas, population growth was slowed but overall numbers of people did not decrease.”

    So why don’t you check YOUR history. Your entire last paragraph is a farce with the exception of, “…this is bigger than Beyonce.”

  22. Gene says:

    It would be nice if you told the whole story and told it accurately. #1 – Those who took people into slavery and sold them to slave owners were mostly black and Muslim, not white. Some of the slave owners were also black and only a small portion of the US were slave owners. There were also some white slaves. #2 – Black Lives Matter went into the streets saying What do we want – Kill the cops, when do we want it – Now – AND – Pigs in a Blanket fry them like Bacon. Great messages for what you call a peaceful organization. #3 – The New Black Panthers were at polling placing with weapons trying to intimidate voters and the Obama Administration did nothing about them. #4 – Al Sharpton started the false claim that Michael Brown had his hands up and started the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” message which was later proven false – Michael Brown was a thug and just robbed a store and threatened the owner – he was no choir boy. #5 – Cops were killed in the aftermath (not just white cops , but also asian and black. And there was no apology or mourning, but rather further hate towards cops. #6 – Yes, there are bad cops and sometimes cover-ups, but the majority of cops entering black neighborhoods are fighting crime, gangs, drugs and other dangerous people. #7 – If they are really concerned about the black communities, maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce need to (a) live in the black communities, (b) replace black puppet Democrat politicians with someone who really cares, (c) focus on quality education (they have thrown money at it but no accountability), (d) address the gang, drug and local crime issues, and (e) help create jobs. Stop blaming others for a problem that their own communities have not addressed because they keep electing idiots as their leaders – just look at Baltimore, Detroit and many major cities and address the issues. Protests just create tension – put their message into actions and solutions.

  23. Hines 57 says:

    I think most people know about the other slaves (irish, jewish, asians, native americans) but all of them were able to keep their languages, traditions and religions in tact even after the horrific atrocities done to them. The Africans brought to this country were beat, tortured, hung and mutilated until they denounced everything that made them who they were. They could no longer pass down from generation to generation what so many other cultures have that make them unique. If you don’t know where you come from…….

    1. triggerhappydrew says:

      Really? So gaelic isnt a dead language thanks to the English? That would be the very same English who sold them into slavery right here and all over the world. That would be my ancestors in this country that were beaten, killed, tortured and stripped of their culture.

  24. Yeah I said it! says:

    There is so much hate and disrepect of all people in this world. It doesn’t matter what color, race, sexual orientation or religion. Someone somewhere doesn’t like someone somewhere for their differences. Not just in the U.S. but everywhere. If anyone anywhere really believed in Jesus or whatever your religion calls their most high, we should be ashamed of ourselves. The human race at this time in the world really sucks!

  25. cultrshk1 says:

    Here’s the problem I see in your post. You never once address the NEW black panther party.

    The unfortunate truth is that most Americans are not going to know that there are two, and that the original BP is not what they believe it to be, the BP of today. The New BP has become a terror organization. While it should not be up to us to educate the public; again, I believe we must. If the public does not want to accept that there are two BP parties; that’s on them. Right now, however, from what I understand-America (in general-all peoples)-don’t really understand there are two. But the cops sure as hell know about the second version-the BP seems to have carried up in its threats to kill cops in the night. So, yeah, they’re a little upset.

  26. Annie P. says:

    I was in Newark, New Jersey during the mid 1960″s and work with the BPP, it was a grassroot org. giving out lunches ,helping people fine jobs, get in to colleges; summer reading programs and registing people to vote. It was much later when people began to sterotypeing the true motive of the (PPP) org “Know before you throw stones”

  27. Evelyne says:

    Awesome writing. What bothers me the most those of African descent who are getting on the bandwagon and calling her such names without research. Brainwashed therefore too easily manipulated.

  28. Vergil wood says:

    White people did not put black people in boats bound for slavery. Africans delivered and sold Africans for slaves. You will find that information in the “original” history books, not the politically correct history books of today. The leader of the black panthers in July of 2015 called for the killing of all white crackas and their families. It is time for the pot to stop calling the kettle black, know what I mean???? The worst racists that I personally know are blacks and liberals. The conservatives can’t hold a candle to them.

  29. Chris says:

    You just left out one fact….
    Black people put those black people on those boats and sent them to America to become slaves. Own that fact and the fact it wasn’t just white people that created slavery and profited from it. Your own kind sold you out, and it still happens today, so what does that tell you about people? You will never change them.

  30. Karen says:

    “Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, or any other movement for black liberation would not exist if white people had not kidnapped and enslaved Africans, created racism, and then continued to this day to oppress, exploit, and exclude black people.” Okay, that is partially true. You left out that fact that other blacks also had slaves, and blacks were sold into slavery by other blacks. Remember, the way they became slaves (and I am not saying the while slave owners are innocent, believe me I know they aren’t) was tribal wars. When one tribe won a war they captured the other tribe, sold them into slavery, and then they were shipped to America. White people didn’t “create racism”, white people weren’t the only people who owned slaves, and white people, for the most part, didn’t kidnap them. They were kidnapped by other Africans and sold to whoever would offer top dollar. Those other Africans didn’t care who they sold them to, they didn’t care if the buyers were black or white, Asian, Indian, European, Middle Eastern, American, or even other Africans. And yes, slavery existed on all continents, it is not just an American atrocity. Oh, and Black Panthers? I’ve seen plenty of videos ( I was young when they were formed) of them looking very militant with guns and ammo belts. How about we all get together and start an “ALL LIVES MATTER” movement? I am absolutely disgusted.

  31. briskiwiron says:

    And Assata Shakur didn’t kill a man because he was state trooper in 1979? and today she hides in cuba because she is innocent? Hiding behind the race victim card is wrong .

  32. Jo says:

    Just curious, what about all the black people who rounded up and willingly shipped their brothers and sisters out on ships. And how many hundreds of years ago was that??? When is this going to stop being an excuse? Stop calling it African American….if you were born in Africa then moved here, you are African American…..if you were born here then you are just plain old American like the rest of us…..stop trying to divide the country and work on how we can come together and be Americans together for heaven’s sake

  33. James Earl White says:

    I remember the Black Panthers and YES they were Anit-Cop. In fact they declared WAR on the Police which led to their downfall. They put out a paper which I got and read…and so did many Police Forces all over the nation. I am NOT saying Beyonce is Racist or Anit-Cop but the Panthers were and are equal to the KKK they were fighting against. They were Militant because they knew that unless Blacks stood up and fought back they would suffer forever. Time has passed and we want to think only the best of things from the struggle to find a voice. Panthers did what they thought was right at the time and it cost them dearly. Let’s Remember that what they did was to the extream.

  34. kaneisha jones says:

    Show the pics and info on the black panthers especially the leader and his speeches on killing all white ppl including babies.. show the pics where he is posing with assault rifles surrounding him. Look it up on the internet its available . It was a hate group, so excuse me if I don’t praise this woman for showing her stupidity to the world. The first step to ending racism is to stop spreading diversity and separating ppl with skin colors. Hope she and others learn this one day till then their spreading hate.

  35. Anthony Kemp says:

    Do your thing , Beyonce!

  36. Kokociel says:

    “They created programs that fed and clothed their people…” − it’s completely commonplace for paramilitary groups to do all these good things that you mention. ISIS goes even further for its citizens. Maybe the Black Panthers were good guys; I don’t know; but your reasoning is flawed.

    Btw, please stop saying that “white people” committed all these various crimes. It was white Americans. As a white foreigner, I don’t like visiting the USA and automatically being labelled as some kind of racist slave-trader.

  37. toomuch says:

    Equally is all that’s being sought after why is that so hard. If you have money your going to help your family and friends. The Caucasian have the most money and even those of the black race who have an education have difficulty finding jobs. BPP was just trying to help their ppl like every other race is doing. They were perceived as a hate group because of they efforts. I don’t condone any killing but remember self defense is not murder, there were a lot of murders covered up as a life being threatened (self defense) recently. Wht shouldn’t we be angry?

  38. Rick says:

    This person obviously didn’t read up on the black panther movement, horrible story, not many good points

  39. Rachel says:

    black liberation would not exist if white people had not kidnapped and enslaved Africans, created racism,

    I agree with entire article except the excerpt above. My understanding is the slave trade existed and was perpetuated by Africans. (I agree with the enslaved part.) I don’t agree that white people created racism as a fact; however, it’s possible since it’s typically white people who benefit.

  40. Shelly says:

    Ok I understand what you are saying and I am far from being racist or a bigot but blaming all the racism on white people is wrong and racist itself. Black people are just as racist and for God sakes slavery ended hundreds of years ago the civil rights movement happened so why do black people feel they are still owed something? They are holding on to the past let it go. It happened there is nothing we can do to change it. Not all white people are or believe in what the KKK are or stand for I personally thing they are disgusting and sad excuses for humans. To end racism black people need to stop dwelling on the past and using the race card when the feel they are not being treated fairly or do not get what they want. Guess what life is not fair and life doesn’t care what color your skin is. There are white cops and white children being killed also why do we not hear about it??? Or why are the white people starting riots over injustices done to us? If that were the case there would be riots and protests evey hour of every day. Those are my thoughts on the whole race issue. Again I am not a racist I have several black friends and co workers.

  41. dennis says:

    Racism will never go away. Too many blacks don’t like white people too many whites don’t like blacks. The bit about slavery. Yes slavery was a terrible thing. However I don’t believe slavery is being conducted today in the U.S. Blaming all white people for slavery of the past is in my opionan excuse for whatever reason.
    As for Beyonce if you don’t like what she did don’t buy her albums or support any program that has her as a guest.

  42. crazy ray says:

    Saying it don’t make it so, Kelly. I lived in the ghetto during the height of black power. They were ALL racist, as is Beyonce and you, for that matter.

  43. Ray K says:

    I lived among the Panthers in the 60s and 70s and they were indeed anti-cop and racist, Kelly. And so is Beyonce. And so are you

  44. Mike says:

    Just watched a few videos of black panthers calling for the death of crackers and cracker babies. These were recent videos. I dont give shyt what you think. The black panthers and beyonce are perpetuating racial tensions and hatred. Your a mental midget to believe otherwise.

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